What will the program do for me?
Save you money on health care costs and some other frequently used consumer services.
Savings opportunities depend on your membership. It’s simple; refer to your membership guide for specific details.
What happens when I sign up? How soon can I start SAVING?
You can start saving immediately by simply presenting your membership card at participating providers’ locations.
  Are there any membership initiation fees?
  Absolutely not! The program wants you to save money. That is why we do not charge
  any one time sign up fees, or additional fees for family members. One low membership
  includes your immediate family.
  Why do I need the program?
  To SAVE money! The program can save you money on health-related expenses as well as other everyday expenses.
  •  If you do not have insurance for you and/or your family, or if you are under-insured, this program is right for you.
  •  Often members may have insurance coverage for themselves but do have coverage for their families. The plan provides discounts on medical services for your immediate family.
  •  If you have basic medical insurance but no dental insurance or vision insurance, etc, this plan will help you save at these providers.
  My doctor is not in the network - how can I save if I don't want to change doctors? 
  We can help in two ways.
  Just call Membership Services using the number listed in your membership materials and give us your doctor's contact information. We will contact your doctor and ask the doctor to enroll in our network.
  We will notify you when this has been completed. We do all the work.
  Do I have to qualify for the program membership?
  There are no prequalification's. Everyone is eligible to join and start saving on health and lifestyle services today.
  Are there health condition exclusions?
  There are no limitations to the medical discount program regardless of your current health condition, age, race, sex, citizenship status, etc. Present your program member ID card to any participating network provider to receive savings.
  How does the program differ from health insurance?
  The program is NOT insurance. There are no claims to file. You must pay your provider or make payment arrangements at the time of service, but your savings are instant and substantial.
  Do I need to file claim forms to get my savings?
  No paperwork is required. Simply see your network provider, present your member ID card and get instant savings for services rendered.
  I already have health insurance - can I benefit from using the program as well?
  It depends on your insurance.
  •  If you do not have coverage for dental, vision, pharmacy or alternative care, the program can save you money on these services.
  •  If your insurance plan does not have a medical network included, the program can provide you discounts on your out-of-pocket costs.
  For more information, feel free to call our Member Services Help Line number that is listed in your membership materials.
  How do I save on prescription drugs?
  Simply present your membership ID card when you drop off your prescription. You will receive instant savings off the cost of your prescription. Check the mail order price list for savings. Use our prescription mail order form to save on 90-day supplies of maintenance prescriptions.
  How often can I use the service of a provider?
  As often as you wish. With the program you enjoy unlimited access to the services and providers in our network, and we encourage you to use them as often as necessary.
  Does my membership entitle me to the lowest prices?
  Our providers have extended the best discounts in the healthcare markets to our members. However, many of our retail providers may run specials from time to time that are lower than the program rates. To ensure you're getting the best prices, please ask if any specials are offered. Our providers will be glad to give you the lower price.
  Who is included in my family under the program?
  With the program, your family members living with you are included in your membership or anyone claimed on your IRS tax statements, such as children living in a different household. There are NO extra fees to include these family members. One price includes them all.
  Need assistance from Member Services?
  We've set up a Member Services line staffed by representatives who can help you with any questions you may have. To reach a representative, just call the number listed in your membership booklet or 1-877-572-2244 toll free and you'll get the help you need immediately.
  What should I do if I lose my membership card?
  Your program membership card is valuable, and should be kept in a secure place. Should you ever lose or misplace a card and need a replacement, call the Member Services line that is listed in your membership materials you received when you signed up as a member.